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How It Works


Discover our incredibly easy & hassle free 4 step process to getting your house sold:


Fast Turn Around

Your house can be sold in as quick as 5-7 days! Couldn’t be any faster.

Incredibly Easy

We know the move is a hassle as it is, so we’re here to handle the headache of a house for you.

Hassle Free

Our process is incredibly fast and easy, take a break while we do all the heavy lifting.


Assesment & Consulation

Initially, all of the needed information is gathered. Let’s sit down and talk about your situation. Tell us more about your circumstance so we can consult with you to discover the best solution. We will then give you an overview analysis of how our process works.

Step 2:

Analysis of Property

Our company will do an in-depth assessment and analysis of your property. We will also look into background information on the property to discover its accurate value.


Fair Cash Offer

We give you an offer for your property in cash. An immediate consultation begins as we also discover the most optimal and creative solutions to fix your problems. There is 0 pressure on you to accept our offer, it is completely your decision to either accept or decline our cash offer. Note: Obviously, every circumstance is different as we work on a case-by-case basis, ultimately we will discover a preferred method of payment for you.

Step 4:

Get Your Cash

If you decide to accept our offer, all you have to do is sign all the necessary forms, and then your cash offer will immediately be given to you! We promise that there will not be any hidden costs or fees that will reduce the total amount that is disbursed to you. We’re here to help you turn an unfortunate situation into a profitable one, so you can put everything behind you, and proceed with life!

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